The Judeo-Christian foundations of Nazism and Communism.

Selfish/Selfless Morality.



Comparisons to Nazism/Communism


  1. Myths detailing the special peoples divine/chosen status


  1. All human beings deserve dignity and respect.
  2. The downtrodden and weak are being oppressed by cruel tyrants
  3. It is worthwhile to share your wealth with those who need it.
  4. There is no higher good than to sacrifice for the good of mankind
  5. The time will come when all causes of war and strife will end, and heaven will be brought to Earth.
  6. No matter the struggles of the present, have faith, for in the end the truth of the cause will be borne out.
  7. The meek shall inherit the Earth
  8. The world is corrupt and evil
  9. Once Jews accept the truth of the message, hatred between Jews and Gentiles will cease.
  10. Racism is wrong



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Eamon Falloon

Eamon Falloon

Young white guy, extremely online, you figure out the rest.